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bonsack.jpg (3513 bytes)

Garage Door Spares (locks, springs, cones & cables)
A range of pattern parts that closely match the original Bonsack products

Locking handles to suit Bonsack & Capital doors            •  Replacement Keys  •

Click image to enlarge

Locking 'T' handle with two keys
Supplied with fixing screws

The back plate has two 35mm long threaded fixing spigots spaced 51mm apart and 8mm square shaft approx 75mm long which can be easily cut down to match the length of your original shaft.

Choice of Silver or Black





Click image to enlarge

Silver finish
our Ref: HEN0120  Qty in stock:
price £ inc VAT

Black finish
our Ref: HEN0130  Qty in stock:  
price £
inc VAT

Click image to enlarge

Anti-Vandal 'Pop-Up' handle
115mm x 74mm faceplate with two concealed fixing
holes at 51mm centres - includes internal handle etc.
black finish - supplied with two keys.

our Ref: STAR0045  Qty in stock: 
price: £
inc VAT

Click images to enlarge

Bonsack 'Euro lock' handle (as fitted from Jan 2000)
The image illustrates the original design with the
'keyhole shape' lock cylinder but this handle was revised
in approx. 2002 and the later version is fitted with a round
shape lock cylinder type AZSP1215 (see details below)

Availability: no longer available with Bonsack logo but
the Cardale 'Euro lock' is fully compatible - click here


Replacement Euro lock barrels

'Keyhole shape' Eurolock cylinder to suit the
early type Euro handle as illustrated on right >>

Note: the Eurolock cylinder & keys pictured left is for identification purposes only, the lock barrel we'll supply
will be a good quality pattern replacement with three keys.
Regretfully we are unable to supply
these lock cylinders as keyed alike pairs

Click image to enlarge

Nickel Chrome finish - our ref: APE40N
price £12.95
inc VAT
Qty in stock:

Brass finish - our ref: APE40B
price £12.95
inc VAT
Qty in stock:

Round type lock cylinder & two keys to suit
the later style Eurolock as illustrated on right >>

Nickel Chrome finish.
Spare circlip & fitting instructions supplied.
As Cardale ref: AZSP1215

Click image to enlarge

One cylinder with two keys (random match)
price £ inc VAT
Qty in stock: 

Keyed alike cylinders with same key profile (max qty 5)
two keys supplied per cylinder - i.e. 2 cylinders would
be supplied with with 4 keys of the same profile
price per cylinder £ inc VAT
Qty in stock: 


Click image to enlarge

Graphite Lock Lubricating Powder
Graphite powder is a dry compound which is ideal
for lubricating garage door locks, car door locks and
outside padlocks etc. to prevent sticking and extend
the life of the lock by reducing wear and corrosion.
Unlike oil, Graphite powder won't attract a build-up
of dirt & grime and it cannot freeze.

The 50g puffer dispenser with it's pointed probe
ensures quick & simple application to any lock

Our Ref: K30050
Qty in stock: 
price: £ inc VAT

Click image to enlarge
Latch release cable to suit Bonsack
doors with cable operated latches
overall dia. 2mm - length 2.5Mtr - black plastic coated
includes adjuster clip.

our Ref: APL0180 
Qty in stock: 
price: £ inc VAT (individually)
10% discount for two or more

Note: our replacement latch cables are supplied as illustrated with a loop pre-formed & crimped on one end only, if you don't require a pre-formed loop you can cut the cable down as required and form your own loop using the clip provided


Click image to enlarge
Suspension cables & cones to suit Bonsack
vertically tracked canopy doors from late
1994 to June 2000 (suits all door sizes)
two 4mm roll-pins supplied

our Ref: APW10 
Qty in stock: 
price £ per pair
inc VAT

Click image to enlarge

4mm long nosed pin punch for driving out roll-pins from canopy door cones
(an essential tool when replacing canopy cones & cables)

  our Ref: T3328 10  Qty in stock: 
price £
inc VAT
Click image to enlarge
Spring support bracket with latch cut-out
suits post 1994 Bonsack canopy doors with an overhead counterbalance spring

our Ref: HEN0240  Qty in stock: 
price £
inc VAT

Note:  from 1999 onwards
Bonsack Doors have been supplied with
door support gear manufactured by
Cardale Garage Doors Ltd


See our range of
Cardale Door Spares

Counterbalance springs for horizontally tracked doors

Note: We recommend horizontally tracked door springs are replaced in pairs,
one each side of the door,
therefore we don't supply springs individually

D.I.Y. guide to replacing springs

Coroma R140 springs as fitted to pre 2000 Bonsack doors up to 8'
Our Ref: BOS3020
(spring is fitted between pivot plate & door)
Length over coils 12½" - number of coils 59 - 2¼" dia -  black painted
Availability: discontinued (no alternative is available)
Coroma R160 springs as fitted to pre 2000 Bonsack doors up to 12'
Our Ref: BOS3030

(spring is fitted between pivot plate & door)
Length over coils 12½" - number of coils 59 - 2¼" dia -  red paint on loop
Availability: discontinued (no alternative is available)

Arcadian AP150/200 spring

Arcadian AP150/CM150 springs as fitted to pre 2000 Bonsack double doors
Length over coils 530mm - number of coils 95 - 42mm dia -
as image above
Our Ref: AP30 - price per pair: £ inc. VAT
Availability: delivery within 1-3 working days direct from manufacturer
Arcadian AP200/CM200 springs as fitted to pre 2000 Bonsack double doors
Length over coils 590mm - number of coils 92 - 42mm dia. -
as image above
Our Ref: AP31 - price per pair: £ inc. VAT
Availability: delivery within 1-3 working days direct from manufacturer
Arcadian AP250/CM250 springs as fitted to pre 2000 Bonsack double doors
early type - length over coils 646mm - number of coils 91 - 50mm dia. -
as image above
current type - length over coils 508mm - number of coils 67 - 54mm dia. - colour blue
our Ref: AP45 - price per pair: £
inc. VAT
Availability: delivery within 1-3 working days direct from manufacturer

Click here for other spare parts for Arcadian door support gear

From Jan 2000 Bonsack doors were supplied with Cardale lifting gear

Genuine Cardale springs for Bonsack double doors manufactured after Jan 2000

Price per pair: £122.13 inc VAT (all strengths)  -  Availability: allow 1-3 working days delivery

Genuine Cardale spring ref: AZSP 3304 - Blue coded spring (for doors 29 - 37 kgs)



Genuine Cardale spring ref: AZSP 3305 - Red coded spring (for doors 35 - 49 kgs)
Genuine Cardale spring ref: AZSP 3306 - White coded spring (for doors 45 - 63 kgs)
Genuine Cardale spring ref: AZSP 3307 - Green coded spring (for doors 63 - 103 kgs)
Genuine Cardale spring ref: AZSP 3308 - Yellow coded spring (for doors 95 - 125 kgs)

Identify the spring type you require from the details provided, click 'Buy Now' then follow the on-screen instructions

 Take care to cross-check the spring dimensions carefully as springs ordered in error and returned for refund will be subject to a 20% re-stocking charge

Replacement spring adjusting bolts

Click image to enlarge

 Spring tensioning bolt

bolt size:  


M8 x 200mm  - price: £12.50  - Qty in stock: 
M10 x 200mm - price: £14.00 - Qty in stock: 
M10 x 250mm - price: £14.90 - Qty in stock: 

Springs for post Jan 2000 Bonsack doors
up to 8' on Cardale 'Maximizer' gear

azsp3303.jpg (2369 bytes)

Cardale ref: AZSP3303
price per pair £ inc VAT

Availability: allow 1-3 working days delivery

Some springs are despatched by courier direct from our supplier, order by 1pm for same day despatch

PLEASE NOTE:  Springs are delivered by courier between 8.30am - 5.30pm
Monday to Friday and the driver will require a signature on delivery
so please bear this in mind when you specify the delivery address

We do not export springs overseas

Free Delivery Option to most UK destinations
on orders over £50

Same day despatch on orders submitted by 3pm
Next-day delivery also available*
(*on orders placed Mon to Thurs only)

choose 'next-day' delivery at the on-line checkout

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